Annual Meeting Mentoring Program

In  2023 IAS Annual Meeting Mentoring Program allows small groups of Students and Young Professionals to talk with experts from a range of fields, gaining their experience and advice in different career pathways. This year’s event will be held on Tuesday October 31th, 2023 from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Omni Nashville Hotel in Room Music Row 5.

Registrants will be able to engage in two round table discussions, each lasting 45 minutes. Topics include:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Startups. Developing, launching and running a new business
  2. Project Management. Leading teams to achieve project goals within constraints
  3. Industry R&D. Innovation and product development in industry
  4. Consulting Engineer. Consulting engineers act as independent agents and advocates for their clients, and are responsible for finding innovative solutions to technical problems and provide strategic advice to business and management. They offer professional engineering services to public and private sectors
  5. Applications Engineer. Application engineers work closely with customers to understand their specific technical requirements, and act as a bridge to the manufacturers R&D team
  6. Technical Sales Engineer. Technical sales engineers provide customers with sales advice and support. They work on behalf of a range of industries including manufacturing and electrical utilities, providing technical knowledge to identify new business, negotiate contracts and review sales performance
  7. Academia. Building a career balancing teaching and research in academic institutes.
  8. Product Management. The process of planning, developing, launching and managing a product throughout its lifecycle.
  9. Workplace Electrical Safety. The measures and processes performed by electrical engineers and safety professionals to identify hazards and assess/control risks associated with electrical energy
  10. Business Development. The processes, ideas and initiatives to improve business performance.

Each round table will feature an expert with a wealth of experience to share with attendees at the table. The number of attendees at each table will be limited to allow adequate interaction time for each attendee with the mentor and with peers. The session will include light refreshments.

Registration for the mentoring is required, and attendees can sign up through the registration process. There is a nominal charge of $10 for attendance.